Unparalleled database programming expertise

For customers looking to bring their legacy database into the 21st century or build a custom database, FCS offers unparalleled database programming expertise. For years, we have helped organizations in every industry solve their most challenging database problems and unlock new insights.

FCS is also the primary distributor for the jBASE MultiValue database in Asia Pacific. We can help you take advantage of jBASE’s flexibility, performance, and small footprint to transform your database and your business.

Database consulting services from FCS can help you:
  • Reduce the need for back office staff and increase profits with automation
  • Simplify data management with features like deduplication
  • Solve complex database issues to streamline IT processes
  • Front-end legacy systems with a modern reporting interface to future proof your business logic investment
  • Write custom BASIC scripts to transform your database
FCS specializes in a variety of database protocols, systems, environments, and deployments, including:
  • MultiValue databases
  • COBOL-based legacy systems
  • AIX, Red Hat, and Linux systems
  • Physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT environments
  • And more!