For customers looking to integrate their MultiValue applications with .NET, SQL Server, and desktop and mobile applications, FCS can deliver an end-to-end solution built on BlueFinity to meet their unique business requirements. Get the most value out of your MultiValue investment with BlueFinity-enabled database capabilities from FCS.

BlueFinity is a full suite of MultiValue products and solutions designed to modernize and streamline customers’ database workloads.

BlueFinity has been providing Microsoft .NET development tools for MultiValue database users for over ten years. Thousands of diverse MultiValue-based applications throughout the world ranging from single user systems to massive systems handling peak loads of 500 transactions per second are underpinned by mv.NET, its flagship product.


Products from BlueFinity include:

  • NET premier .NET for MultiValue Solution: For .NET developers wishing to access MultiValue databases, mv.NET has built a reputation to become the product of choice. Its unique set of features allows the developer to use the latest Microsoft technology while still leveraging all of the traditional benefits of MultiValue functionality and far surpasses anything available from the MultiValue database vendors themselves.
  • SSIS MultiValue Integration with SQL: mv.SSIS allows data to be read from any major MultiValue database directly (with no intermediate file processing) into the Microsoft SSIS environment.
  • Evoke business apps for desktop and mobile devices: Evoke allows you to easily and quickly build apps that are able to run on all of the important computing platforms used by businesses around the world. This includes desktop browser, Windows native desktop, Windows Modern UI, Windows Phone, iPhone/ iPad and Android phone /tablet.

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